Sharing link

A description of the multiple actions available after a link is generated
A link is used to introduce credentials safely, complying with cibersecurity standards, into Flanks system.
Through the platform you can generate a link. With that link you can:
Add extra parameters to a Link
A link resembles the following schema:
The id of the desired bank, to redirect user to the form, instead of showing all available bank option
You can uniquely identify the products and transactions of an user by adding the external_id=<value>. This can be useful if you have an internal code for each user.
You can add extra querystring parameters, which can be retrieved later.
For instance, if you add extra parameters before sending the link to your clients, like this
All the other parameters will be in the EXCHANGE LINK CODE FOR CREDENTIALS TOKEN endpoint response, under extra.
Also you have three options: 1. Directly access it.
Go to entities page, click in New connection
Click in Connect button
2. Copy and send it directly to your client.
Instead of clicking Connect, click in Generate Link.
Select a client (previously created) and click in Copy Link.
After that the link will be added to your clipboard so you can paste it and send it in an email or WhatsApp
Last modified 1yr ago