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Link Errors

Platform Errors

Invalid provided link, please generate a new one.
Page showed when invalid link is provided

Duplicated credentials

To avoid session collisions, credentials must be unique per company in the system. This error is generated when the introduced credentials had already been connected.
If you want the user to be able to connect the same credentials multiple times, please contact the support team. Please note that by enabling this option Flanks will only retrieve information from the bank if the credentials are entered for the first time.

Invalid credentials

Credentials provided might be invalid, user must review introduced credentials.

Authorization failed

Log in 2FA value (sms, otp, token...) introduced is incorrect.

Tracking Back Errors via Redirect

By default, these errors will be shown on screen, but the user will not be redirected.
If you want to be notified in your redirect_uri, you need to add the rollback param to the link URL. Then, if an error occurs in the connection process, the user will be redirected and will include in the parameters the error key.
You can specify which Link Error Codes do you want to receive, and all the others will be handled in our platform without redirect.
You can chose to redirect only INVALID_CREDENTIALS errors: https://platform.flanks.io/link?token=xxx&rollback=INVALID_CREDENTIALS
Or redirect multiple errors: https://platform.flanks.io/link?token=xxx&rollback=INVALID_CREDENTIALS,INVALID_SCA
You can also rollback=true to redirect all the errors.
If you added extra parameters as described in Using the Platform, the request to your redirect URI will include both the error parameter and your extra parameters. For example:
  • INVALID_CREDENTIALS: The provided credentials are invalid.
  • INVALID_SCA: The provided SCA is invalid.
  • CREDENTIALS_ALREADY_EXIST: The credentials provided already exist in our system.
  • INTERNAL_ERROR: An unexpected error from the Flanks API.
  • ABORTED_BY_USER: This is an special error code. If any other error happens and the redirection is not configured for said error, the user will have an "EXIT" button if rollback for ABORTED_BY_USER is set. When pressing the "EXIT" button, the user will be redirected like any other kind of error, but the error code will be ABORTED_BY_USER.
  • SCA_TYPE_NOT_ALLOWED:The two-factor authentication method provided is not allowed on the account.
  • USER_INTERACTION_NEEDED:The account has some pending checks/tasks that need the user to access the official website and complete them.
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